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Personal Training 

  • Have you ever gone to class and felt like your form was off and you were not getting the most out of the exercises given in class? Personal training sessions can be a great tool to help you feel more confident in your workouts and get one on one training to really target technique and proper form. The number one cause of injuries during class is due to improper form, which can turn into bad habits over time. With our sessions we aim to correct any bad habits that may have formed to ensure safety and alignment in all your other classes.  

  • Let our Certified Personal Trainers help you achieve your fitness goals. Sessions include an interview and needs assessment and a personalized fitness program design, based on this information. We offer individual or group training for strength and cardio, and flexibility.

  • Are you just getting started or want to enhance your workout? Get motivated with a certified trainer who will work within your fitness level to develop a personal training program to suit your needs and goals! General fitness testing and nutritional/lifestyle information will be included.

Pre and Postnatal Personal Training 

  • We offer prenatal and postpartum personal training in the studio. This is an excellent addition for women who want to continue safely working out during and after pregnancy. Victoria is our specialist and wants to help you as you enter or rediscover yourself along this journey of motherhood. She is trained to assess and test for certain pregnancy and birth related injuries, as well as provide safe and effective modifications to help you heal and recover! She will focus on connecting breath with movement to maximize efficiency and muscle firing with every exercise.  

  • For more info and rates email Victoria at



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