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Barre & Beats Fitness, located Bay 8 141 Commercial Drive is a unique boutique fitness studio located in Springbank.  Founded by professional dancer, Victoria Romeril the classes aim to provide a new take on barre and aerobic- inspired fitness classes. We specialize in offering small group classes for various fitness levels. One of our most popular classes is Barre; a fusion of ballet, yoga and pilates that is gaining tons of attention in the fitness industry. It works by challenging the major muscle groups in a new way; isometric holds, pulses, and exercises with low weight and high repetition, thus spurring change in the body. One of the greatest advantages of barre is the low impact notion of classes. You are constantly challenging your body’s endurance and stamina but without any sort of plyometric or jumping. This has had a huge impact for clients and many have reported a decrease in joint pain, and have seen improvement in prior injuries. Since barre challenges the entire body, your body’s muscle fibers are constantly being utilized. The effectiveness of this type of workout almost certainly can be attributed to this multi-planar, compound moves which utilize more than one muscle group at once; think arm, legs and core all in one exercise.


 Other classes offered include various cardio and strength based classes, such as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and Bootcamps.  Since the class sizes are kept to a maximum of 15 participants you can expect to receive that individual attention to really be comfortable with the moves. There is a lot of attention that is given to proper form, to make sure clients are comfortable taking the exercises in class and continuing them at home or in their own workouts. The studio provides ample parking and offers an inviting atmosphere. Barre & Beats Fitness is a place for people of all types with a place to work out, socialize and find their balance. 


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I've taken a few classes at Barre & Beats Fitness studio so far. I love the bright and airy ambience, so inviting! The instructors are friendly and approachable while delivering a challenging workout!! Love the Barre, yoga and HIIT classes! Can't wait to go again tonight!

I have been to both a barre and HIIT class here and loved them both! The space is very inviting, and the instructors make you feel comfortable while at the same time pushing you to the max. This is a really fun, challenging way to workout. Will be going again soon!


I would highly recommend this studio to anyone looking for a good workout. Victoria (the owner) is a amazing instructor and also has created a very beautiful studio space.


Taking classes at Barre & Beats was my first introduction to barre. I have found a new love. Victoria's mix of barre and pilates has provided me with the perfect cross-training for my other fitness activites of running, weight training, cycling and yoga. Victoria's classes are challenging and motivating, the space is beautiful, and the tunes round out the experience. I am excited to try some of the other classes offered at Barre & Beats!


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